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Performing Ads LLC
Performing Ads LLC is a Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Cost Per Action (CPA) advertising and management firm. Our mission is to promote products and services that provide solutions to critical problems as well as addressing the more noble end of human needs. Over a decade of operating multiple profitable businesses, we are equipped with the sophisticated tools, motivated talent, and entrepreneurship experience needed to solve problems that every industry and business model faces.
Our Adwords and Analytics Partner Certified PPC experts meticulously developed our proprietary PPC methodologies through running our own Affiliate Marketing and PPC campaigns. Obsessed with acquiring knowledge to stay ahead of the competition, we are driven to constantly optimize our process so that we can continue to successfully “Turn Searches into Sales” and make sure the advertising budget you spend is only for

PPC Advertising
Compared to TV/Radio ads, PPC Advertising is targeted, cost effective, and results based. Real time optimization of demographic, geographic, and socio-linguistic specifications makes it the most flexible advertising strategy. Start-ups, Small-Medium Size Enterprises (SME), and Multinational Corporations can reach potential customers who are already looking for their product/service on multiple platforms (Mobile, Desktop Computers, and Tablets) and search engines.
Accredited in Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and Bing Search certification, our advertisers will use sophisticated technology, in depth market research, and proprietary PPC methodologies to target and engage your customers. We turn these searches into sales by using compelling, psychology driven, and consumer behavior influenced ad copy and landing pages. Each click, call, download, or subscribed will be conversion tracked and validated by our Quality Assurance team.
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PPC Management
Our Certified PPC Accounts Managers will use a combination of market research, sophisticated technology, proprietary PPC methodologies, and specific industry experience to make accurate and educated decisions on your account. A dedicated PPC manager will build, monitor, optimize, and scale your campaigns to get the lowest possible Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and the most profitable Return on Investment (ROI). Our tools and methodologies can monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that need immediate action to ensure ad spend isn’t wasted.
The PPC Manager will write compelling consumer behavior motivated ad copy to ensure that your ad speaks directly to the target market. Clients will be involved in goal setting, and will receive weekly/monthly reports to show which KPI’s improved and what strategies were implemented.
A successful PPC campaign is a mix of business consulting, effective marketing, compelling creative writing, consumer behavior psychology, industrial economics, and meticulous analysis. We have built a team that specializes in all those elements
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The digital marketing arena is huge! How is Performing Ads different from other PPC Ad Agencies and Management firms?

Unique Selling Proposition Identification (USPI) Methodology

Proprietary market research methodology that combines geographic, demographic, device platform, and sociolinguistic analysis. We are able to define and focus on what makes your business special compared to the competition. We identify your business’ strengths and opportunities, as well as your competitors product/service deficiencies.

Consumer Behavior and Psychology Marketing (CBPM) Methodology

Performing Ads developed CBPM to help create keyword portfolios, compelling ad copy, creatives, and landing pages. We invest on keywords with potential to convert. Humor, wordplay, rhythm, and colloquialisms make our ads stand out. We use emotional and rational appeals, positive and negative framing, as well as cognitive and confirmation biases to motivate the user to click or call.

Campaign Diagnosis and Metric Optimization Tool

Performing Ads developed this tool to quickly identify which areas in your campaign needs optimization the most. It doesn’t just show what is and isn’t performing, but why. We’ll make an educated decision to optimize the strengths and opportunities presented, as well as resolve potential threats. This tool also lets us provide user friendly reports to our clients and keep them informed of the strategies being implemented.

Niche Domination (80/20) Methodology

We focus our campaign to ensure that you are the top searched business in that niche. Our tools, tech, and industry experience allow us to quickly fine tune the top 20% Performing Ads and cut the remaining 80%. We build only on success to ensure profitable and responsible ad budget spending.

Trendwatch methodology

Observe and adapt to new sociolinguistic, socioeconomic. and technological trends that will help predict and prepare for how we frame our ads and your business. Adaptive linguistic monitoring to follow new relevant keywords, local colloquialisms, terms, and idioms.

Quality Assurance, Conversion Tracking, and Call Monitoring

QA will listen to every call, track every conversion, to ensure you are getting quality validated leads. Performing Ads is the only ad agency and PPC firm that can serve as your 3rd party Quality Assurance partner. Ensuring your sales team receiving the calls we forward are converting each lead successfully and ethically.



A profitable PPC campaign requires a combination of disciplines: Psychology, Marketing, Advertising, Economics, Analytics, and Creative Writing. Our family of companies (Performing Ads, Afortiva Virtual Solutions, Econtent Providers Inc..) has developed a proprietary recruitment and training methodology. We partner with universities by providing industry specific lectures, speaking engagements, case studies, and scholarship funding. In exchange, the universities supports our organization with the best talent. Our team is composed of the Top Graduates and Academic Scholars in Psychology, Journalism, Literature, Marketing, Statistics, Economics, and Creative Writing. Our people are assertive, self-motivated, professional, and polished.

Training and Certification

Performing Ads developed a proprietary training program that covers all the skill sets needed to successfully run a profitable PPC or Affiliate campaign. The training program covers Values, Work Ethic, Scripting, Psychology in Marketing, Consumer Buying Behavior, Advanced Adwords, Affiliate Marketing, Ad Copywriting, and Industrial Economics. All PPC Specialist trainees are required to manage our own campaigns first, make it consistently profitable, and only then will we endorse them to our clients. All our PPC Specialists are not only Performing Ads certified but also Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and Bing Ads Certified. Our company is Google Partner Certified.


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PPC Advertising
Purely pay for performance (P4P) with an initial setup fee. A pre-agreed commission rate on Cost Per Action (CPA) will be negotiated based on the difficulty and resources needed to run a successful campaign.
PPC Management
Monthly retainer. A percentage of the client’s Monthly Advertising budget based on the difficulty, scale, and resources needed to manage, optimize, and grow the campaign/s.

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